HalloweenWith Halloween approaching we may just be ready for another ghost story.



There was a time I didn’t or may be I shall say didn’t want to believe in ghosts.  But experiences can change your mind.



My husband, 4 year old daughter, white cat and I all moved to California in September of 1971.  We had transferred down here from Seattle area, for a job.  With very little time to pick out a place to live we found a house rental in the area and was able to acquire it.  (We eventually bought the house.)



It started with noises



After settling in I would hear noises on the hardwood floors in the hallway.  It was also kind of spooky to go into the dark garage at night.  But I thought it was just my young active mind playing games with me.



What went missing



We had a small toolbox which housed a few tools we had acquired.  One of the first things we found missing was a screwdriver.  It was medium size with a yellow handle and red top.  There was an old 2 drawer dresser which had a few other things in it such as a saw and sandpaper.  Even going through all of that we could not find the screwdriver.



Later on there was a small nail punch that had always been in the top tray of the toolbox, we could not find it.  Took everything out of the toolbox and still it was no where to be found.



About 6 months later we had decided we needed more shelving in the garage and figured once we totally swept out the garage and removed everything the punch would show up.  No such luck.



Another 6 months had past and my husband was getting something from the toolbox and came back  into the house holding the nail punch.  My words were, “Wow, where did you find it?”  He replied ” in the top tray of the toolbox”.



Another incident happened and I don’t remember what year it actually was.  My husband got up to get ready for work and asked me why was the TV tray out.  I didn’t have a clue of what he was talking about.  In the front bedroom I had a portable radio on the floor and my ironing board out.  There was also a TV tray caddy.



When I got up to look and see what he was referring to, there in the middle of the doorway was one of the TV trays snapped together and ready to use.  When I had walked out of the room the night before I had straightened the radio, ironing board and pushed the TV tray caddy against the wall.  The radio and ironing board were crooked.    That was a bit unnerving as I was obviously observed the day before.



The noises in the hallway continued and this was probably into the 80′s.  We acquired a few more cats by then.  The cats and me would be enjoying a peaceful afternoon in the living room, them casually sprawled on the furniture and me reading or crocheting.  We all looked in the direction of the hallway, they knew something wasn’t right.  It really sounded like someone was walking on the floor.



The scariest



One day I was doing dishes after lunch and I froze.  On my left shoulder I felt a hand.  I could feel the fingers through my blouse.  There is a big mirror above the sink and I dared not look.  So I stood there as still as could be with dish in hand, not caring at all to look to the left.  But then the sense I had was that of a 14 year old boy and then the hand was removed.  I still did not look but continued with doing the dishes.  Okay, I am not so brave, my heart was beating a mile a minute!



A short time later I was visiting my neighbor and we were discussing her friend’s dead mother who kept coming back to the cottage they lived in.  They could smell her perfume and feel cold air blowing.  She also kept unplugging the fish tank, which they told her to quit doing.



So I told them about some of the stuff that was happening in the house and especially about the last incident.  She said what I needed to do was say, “It is okay, you can go now”.  When I was again alone in the house I stood in the middle of the living room and repeated that phrase twice.



No more noises, no more missing items, no more of any of what I had experienced for about 14 or so years in the house.  Gone, it worked. 



But the story doesn’t end there.



Fast forward to around 2000.  My daughter met a lady at one of her jobs and they talked about where they lived.  Apparently the woman as a child had lived in the same house back in the early 1960′s for about a year and a half with her mother and sister.  They were all scared to be there and experienced much of the same things.



In 2006 my husband was talking to a neighbor lady who had lived in the house across the street since about 1955.  She told him that there was a 14 year old boy that was murdered by his father in the garage with a screwdriver in the same house we were living in.



So it all began to make sense as to why the screwdriver disappeared and why my husband never heard or felt any presence of the ghost.  We have never found the screwdriver.



So now that some of you are totally freaked out:


Have you had any experiences with ghosts?




37 Responses to Things That Go Bump In The Night (or in this case the day also)!

  • Hi Mary,

    You really DID get me freaked out and damn scared :)

    Gosh! Those hands creeping you your back, and the missing screwdriver! And you stood washing the dishes even while the creepy hands were there ON you! I’d have fainted long time ago if it was me!!

    Honestly speaking, when we hear of such incidents, even the non-believers start doubting and re-think about ghosts, and with Halloween coming up, don’t we all keep seeing those spooky pictures all around! I’ve never had any such incident in my life, but I’ve lots of relatives who have experienced a lot of things, and it’s tough to believe what they say at times, but we do, because they say it with so much of belief.

    There was an incidence of a haunted house in one of the neighborhoods where my aunt stayed. Her friend who stayed in the house was witness to a lot of things going missing from the house, which were all found in the basement the next day. Not to mention that any one coming to live in that house, always felt the presence of someone else around wherever they went in the house. My aunts friend even heard sounds at night in the basement, but there was never anything found there. Years later they discovered that the original owner was murdered in the basement, and his spirit is very much present even today….eerie – isn’t it?

    However, my Mom always told us to be fearless, and those who believe in Him, don’t really face these problems….and I do just that, and so do my kids :)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)
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    • Hi Harleena

      Not sure why that the hand on my shoulder was not more frightening. May be it was because it was in early afternoon and I knew I was the only one in the house. I know I didn’t want to see what might be there, but I knew that there was not a physical body there. I could feel that the presence was about 6 inches behind me and there was no doubt in my mind that it was the way a hand would actually feel if someone in the physical was actually touching you. Having stood perfectly still, not quite knowing why or what might happen next or how I would even react. It was like time stood still also and once I felt who the presence was then the hand was removed from my shoulder. I suppose the connection needed to be made so that there was an understanding of his situation. So releasing him to go was what he needed to move on and only someone that understood him being there could do it. At least that is my take on it.

      I am sure some may not believe it, but that is their option. All I know it was acknowledged by others and then what the neighbor had told my husband. He never discussed it with her, apparently she had brought it up and he came home and told me.

      Our white cat that was put down at 13 years as he was really sick was felt by the three of us after he was gone. We didn’t talk about it for years, but each of us had situations with him. I heard him meowing outside about 2 weeks after he was gone a number of different times. Then there was a number of times that summer that I would be working in the garden and I would feel him brush against me, but he wasn’t there. My husband and daughter had both seen him for a few months also.

      There has been other situations that I have experienced also. I do though think if they were violent, as in some people’s experiences, I would not be calm about it at all. Some of the tales told are down right scary, as they talk about being physically harmed.

      Thank you for sharing what you have heard.


  • Jude Banks says:

    Mary, that’s so spooky and yet kind of wonderful at the same time. It’s interesting that after you told the boy ghost that he can “go” – he obeyed you… :lol:

    Just before my mother passed away, she told me she would send me a sign that she was still around in spirit. She promised that she would stop the clock on our living room wall from ticking at a time of day that I would instantly recognize as her handiwork, and that would be proof that she was present in spirit. We both laughed because neither of us believed in that kind of thing.

    One year later, on the anniversary of her passing, I had friends over for lunch. We were reminiscing about my mother, (they did not know about her promise) when suddenly one of my friends said “Did you know the clock on the living room wall is not working. The time as 12.28 pm, but it is actually after 2.00 pm”.

    I was stunned. You see, my mother was born on December 28th (12.28), and it was a joke in our household because her birth certificate stated that she was born also at 12.28 pm. We always thought that they got the time wrong on her birth certificate, because it would be so unusual to be born at exactly the same clock time as the birth date.

    A calm feeling came over me and I knew for certain that this was no coincidence and my mother had sent me that message, just as she promised. I still have the wall clock. I had to get it repaired. Apparently one of the hinges that controlled the timing mechanism had become “unhinged” and it was a simple matter of setting it back into place. Each year now on the anniversary of my mother’s passing, I look up at the clock and smile!

    Who knows, maybe one day you will meet that little boy and he will thank you for releasing him.

    Happy Halloween,

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    • Hi Jude

      That is so cool with you and your mother. I can imagine how great that felt to know that she was able to give you a sign that you would know was from her. I always find this subject matter very fascinating.

      I have made a pack with my youngest brother to meet up with him after this life. (Of course if that is possible.) There is so little we know of what we can actually do. May be we should promise to give each other a sign that will show the one that is last to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is the other one. Something to think about.

      It was very strange about the hand on my shoulder. Once I felt the presence of a 14 year old boy, the hand was removed. Was that something I needed to know or he needed me to know so that I would feel no fear or that I could help him. Obviously my husband never felt his presence as he was an adult male and that was an adult male that killed him, so I am sure fear played a big part. The screwdriver was removed so it couldn’t happen again. It would have been interesting to know if that was the kind of screwdriver that he was killed with. There were other screwdrivers in the toolbox, even bigger ones. When we finally move I wonder if we will ever find the screwdriver. Of course it might have been thrown in the garbage can years ago.

      Ah yes, Happy Halloween. Thank you for dropping by and sharing your experience, that was really interesting.


  • Vidya Sury says:

    Interesting experience, Mary, if a bit unnerving!

    I’ve felt my Grandmother’s presence often after she passed away – i still do, like she’s talking in my head. It is the same with my Mother, except with my Mother it feels more real – always in a protective way.

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    • Hi Vidya

      Comforting would definitely be a nicer way to feel someone’s presence. How nice that you feel your relatives around you. I felt the presence of my mother once. Probably 6 months after she was gone. I was asleep and awoke to feel her there in the bedroom. Although I didn’t look, I felt her behind me but facing the window and I had my back to the window. The presence was there for maybe a minute. Since I had been asleep I wouldn’t know for sure how long it was before I woke up. She died back in 1986 and I have never felt her since. Not sure why she came other than the purpose of knowing that they can. Was it information I needed to know, not sure.

      Thank you for sharing.


  • richmiraclefiles says:

    Hi Mary
    This is interesting.
    I haven’t had any scary incidents but a very profound one the day my father in law passed away in the hospital.
    Just minutes before he passed away at 5 AM ,we got a blank call from his attendant’s cell phone.Later the attendant categorically denied having made any call to us at that time because his phone-battery was being charged at a socket in a separate room where no one was present at the time of Father in law’s demise.
    I guess there is alot of soul talk through different media.

    • Hi Mona

      I have heard of situations similar to your father in-law’s. The time of death and someone gets a call at the exact time. Or something strange happens at that moment. Or even visits or the presence of that person at the time of death.

      All the mysteries of our universe and it makes us feel really small in the realm of things we don’t completely understand. How much is there, that we have never experienced and how little do we really know? The possibilities are amazing.

      Thank you for sharing your experience.


  • J.D. Meier says:

    When I went to Key West, I went on a ghost tour.

    I was told up front that “ghosts” will appear when you take pictures as white, glow spots … like a bubble of energy.

    Imagine my surprise when all the pictures I took with my camera end up loaded with these bubbles.


    • Hi J.D.

      Welcome to my site.

      Ghost tour, wow. I am not so sure I would really want to go on one especially at night. Although I have been to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. Not sure if they claim it is haunted or not, but it is weird and with a strange history.

      I suppose if the ghosts were friendly it might not be too bad and there is always safety in numbers. I have heard of some very scary situations with people getting hurt with ghosts. Since I know that stuff can be physically moved by them, there is no doubt that they can actually hurt someone if they care to do so.

      That is strange that it can be seen with the camera but not with your eyes. I know that they have special types of cameras to see what we can’t see, but just an ordinary camera to pick them up is very interesting.

      Thank you for dropping by and sharing your experience.


  • richmiraclefiles says:

    Hi Mary
    I agree that the mysteries of the universe are far too many.While we can explore all of them and come up with plausible explanations ,it always leaves us wondering about how much we don’t know about our lives and world around us.

  • Adrienne says:

    Dang Mary!

    I do believe in spirits and I do believe they are with us. I know my dog is with me and I also know my Dad is and my best friend. I only felt my Dad once and that was back with Hurricane Ike had blown through.

    The electricity was out and ended up being out pretty much all over town for 10 days so to say it was pretty boring with nothing to do was an understatement. I tried to take a nap one day, I don’t do naps but again, pure boredom. My girlfriend was on the chair in my living room and I laid down on the bed. I felt someone sit down at the end of the bed so I waited for my girlfriend to say something thinking it was her. I eventually opened my eyes and no one was there. I got up, went in the other room and she was fast asleep in my chair.

    When she woke up I told her about it and she sees spirits too. She told me it was my Dad checking in on me. I never felt threatened or scared. I don’t really feel spirits or see them but I just “know” they’re with me.

    I do think though if that were to happen I’d be pretty freaked out. How can you not!


    • Hi Adrienne

      It is nice they visit us, but don’t like to be scared. I guess I just ended up in the wrong house and my mission I suppose was to send the boy on his way. I have thought back a ways and probably accused my daughter’s friends of marking on my organ with the marker I had by the music books. It was probably the ghost, as that might be typical of what a boy would do. I had put check marks on the songs I could play and someone put check marks on the organ. I was not happy and so no one was allowed over for awhile. Since with the other things that happened in the house it is very possible that he also defaced my organ.

      I was mesmerized once and it was probably the cat I had from 1986 to 1990 (she died after major surgery because her blood would not clot). Anyways, I think it might have been 1993 shortly after my house was broken into. I had got up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. Left the door open and I seen a cat (had about 4 at that time)coming from the living room and at first look I thought it was my blue point Siamese. As the cat got closer I realized it was not her. It was an opaque white cat with a neon purple glow around it. The cat walked in the bathroom in front of me and disappeared once it got to the bathtub. There was something calming about it and amazing. I thought about it after and thought it must have been Sammy my lilac point Siamese that had been gone for a few years, and I wished I had called out her name, that could have been interesting to see if she turned to look at me. I was devastated when she died and she did come to me shortly after her death one night. She jumped on the bed and walked up brushing herself against my arm. The door was closed and no other cat was in the room.

      Feeling the presence of spirits is fine but I would rather not feel the touch of course maybe this is why I needed to feel so that I could pick up the right information. The touch from my cats is fine, there is no threatening feeling from that.

      Thank you for sharing your experience with your Dad. Have a super weekend.


  • Susan Neal says:

    I hope you don’t get this comment twice – my computer froze when I first tried to send it, so I’m writing it again – please delete one if you get two from me!

    Hi Mary – what a great story! You could easily write that up as a fantastic piece of fiction, but the fact that it’s a true story makes it even better. I’m never quite sure whether or not I believe in ghosts – I kind of want to, but my rational brain tells me they probably don’t exist, but I’m a sucker for ghost stories like this one. My parents, who were also not the superstitious type, were convinced the house we lived in when I was very small, which was an old Victoria, was haunted – they were sure it was a friendly ghost, though – it wasn’t scary, like yours, and I seem to remember they called him George. That wasn’t his real name, just one they made up for him – though I guess it might have been a Georgina! There was nothing as dramatic as you experienced – I’m surprised that hand on your shoulder didn’t give you a heart attack – our ghost just did opening and closing doors and creaking floorboards, that kind of thing, as far as I can recall.

    Anyway, thanks so much for a great ghostly tale – I really enjoyed reading it, and I’m glad you managed to exorcise the spirit in the end. It’s great that you were able to discover his identity – we never did manage to find out the history of our old house, so it’s remained a mystery.

    Happy Halloween, Mary – thanks for a very entertaining and spooky read :)
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    • Hi Sue

      Did not get your comment twice, so it must have been lost in cyberspace. Hate that when it happens as you have to again remember what you wanted to say. But I am grateful that you did take the time to rewrite a comment.

      I don’t think I believed much in that stuff until it actually happened to me. Don’t know if you read my comment to Adrienne here or not, but the experience with the cat in my house confirmed that ghosts do exist. I had asked a co-worker what she had thought, since she told me about her husband having committed suicide and she had visits from him afterwards. She thought the cat whom I assumed to be the cat I adored, was there to comfort me and let me know things will be alright.

      My husband worked in a brand new building which was where he transferred down here to. It was opened up for them to start laying equipment in on January 1972. Everyone of the people that worked there and especially on the weekends when they were the only ones in the building could hear someone walking down the metal stairs. Even I went in there when my husband had weekend coverage and I could hear someone walking down the stairs and right up to the door and then there was no sound in front of the door but continued past the door. I told him I thought it was him and he said he was in the switching room and he didn’t come down the stairs. They could also hear ladders moving and tools being dropped to the floor and yet no one was there.

      So, I guess a building doesn’t have to be old at all for it to be haunted. It could be that someone had died on that plot of land before a house was ever constructed.

      Glad your parent’s ghost was harmless. I think the fact that I didn’t feel like my life was in danger it wasn’t as scary as it could have been. Although I was still shook up. I suppose the hand on my shoulder and the fact that I was able to read off of that by being still was all that needed to be transferred to me.

      Thank you for sharing your parent’s story.


  • Guy Martin says:

    Hi Mary,

    What a cool Halloween story. Too bad my son didn’t read this before he went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios here in Orlando. I’m certain it would have increased his experience.

    As for me, I’m a bit like Susan Neal in that I don’t really know what to make of ghosts since I’ve not experienced them but I do believe there’s an entire spirit world around which we simply cannot see.

    Good reading. I felt I was reading a novel.


    • Hi Guy

      Yes, Halloween is a good time to bring out the experience. But of course, I would love to tell you it wasn’t true, but can’t do that. It was very strange at times and scary in the house especially at night if hubby was not home. But once all of it ended, I don’t feel like someone else is in the house. The house is not very big and it was completed in 1949, so it wasn’t like some of the old houses with all their noises.

      When my daughter ran into the woman that also lived in the house for a short time, it was very confirming that things were not right in the house. They talked about sleeping in the same room and felt the same things in the room, although the lady was there in the 60′s and we didn’t arrive until the 70′s. Of course when the neighbor mentioned the history of the house to my husband it definitely confirmed what I felt.

      Thanks for coming by and glad you enjoyed the read.


  • Mary,

    You have yourself a poltergiest…not a ghost. There is a parallel universe whereby “ghosts” are and they will NEVER interfere with things or you. A Poltergiest is different. They are like little kids. They will move things, they will put their hand on you and scare you, etc.

    I had an experience like this a long time ago. Only…it was worse. When the poltergiest touched my 3 year old daughter’s hair, well that was enough for me. I told it to GET OUT!!! and it did!

    As a psychic and studying parapsychology for several years, these nasty spirits want attention because as you came to find out at the end of the story, the boy was murdered. If it bothers you just summon up all your strength and tell it to GET OUT. Because they cannot cross that line and fuss with us!

    I live with spirits and talk to them all the time for my clients. As long as they don’t mess with me I’m OK. On the other hand if it is a Poltergiest, I have to put them in the light.

    Oh I can tel many stories about this and to me it is perfectly normal he he! But if you ever need to talk or if it bothers you, get in touch with me.


    • Hi Donna

      Okay, but that sounds a whole lot scarier. But he is gone. Funny though I have an organ that was marked with checks on that I mentioned in my comment to Adrienne. It hasn’t been working for a time now and we thought we would open up the top to see if it was possible to fix it. I did see another check mark inside the top. The only way that could have been opened was with a screwdriver, so I guess it was not my daughter’s friends that did it.

      It is pretty calm in the house after I told him he could go. May be when I move I shall have to say in the new place “any negative energy needs to leave now”. I really don’t want to go through any of that again. I have heard some pretty awful stories and so glad my experience wasn’t dangerous to me. But it was a bit unnerving.

      So knowing that by feeling his presence of who he was and then having it confirmed, wasn’t that his escape from being trapped by not moving on to another realm? Without the experience I would never know exactly what to do, as I never would have discussed with my neighbor what was happening in the house. I realize with what you are saying it could have gotten a lot worse if he remained.

      Thank you so much for sharing this information, it is very interesting.


  • Ellen M. Gregg says:

    I used to be terrified of ghosts. I have always believed in them, and did my utmost to avoid any possibility of interaction with them. Even to this day, I choose to watch Ghost Hunters only during daylight hours, because I can still get spooked at night.

    That said… :-D … I love your story, except for the part about the 14-year-old being murdered with a screwdriver. (That’s just sad and horrific.) It exemplifies the reasoning behind one of the services I offer on my business site, Ripple Effect Healing: Energy Investigation and Clearing. I view properties remotely, from a purely energetic perspective (so I’m not distracted by the physical aspects). When I find blockages, I clear them. When I find spirits, I help them cross over, unless there’s a good reason not to.

    Doing that work is serving to open me to a point that spirits of people I don’t know will visit me, and ask me to pass on messages to mutual acquaintances. Never in a million years did I think I’d be engaged in this type of work, but there it is.

    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. :-) Peace. ~Ellen

    • Hi Ellen

      Welcome to my site.

      I avoid spooky movies, it makes my imagination take over. I have a friend who likes to watch scary movies, but then is afraid to go to bed!

      That is very interesting of the kind of work you do. When one sells a house you have to disclose if someone has died in it in the past 3 years. Obviously it does not make much difference how long ago they died in the house, if they are there in spirit they will remain there unless you can get them to leave.

      I found Donna’s comment also very interesting and am now grateful that the situation wasn’t as bad for me as it could have been.

      Apparently a lot of people rented this house before we moved in and that is probably why they didn’t stay.

      Thank you for coming by and sharing your knowledge here.


  • Sylviane Nuccio says:

    Hi Mary,

    You had me glued to your story, and yes, it was scary. Like lots of people in the comments I was too. However, fear (for the most part) usually comes from ignorance, that’s why about a year ago I purchased one of the books of Kelvin Cruickshank who is a psychic who has seen spirits since age 4.

    I learn so much about spirits in his book, that I feel much better about this, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t feel scared though.

    What a story, and you were so strong. I don’t know what I would have done.

    As you know your higher self let you know it was a 14 year old boy. Such a wonderful reminder that we are more than meets the eyes.
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    • Hi Sylviane

      I thought you might connect to the story. I think back now and realize how many times I was scared of the dark house, especially the garage. My daughter was also scared of the garage at night.

      At least for the past 20 years it has not been scary. When I told him he could go, all that fear soon left.

      I guess if one has seen spirits since 4 years old, it would not feel odd to have them around.

      Having a cat or two show up was not bad at all, but then again I am not in fear of my cats.

      I hope I never have to encounter anything quite like that again, but at least I might be more aware of it if the occasion arose and would be able to take action sooner.

      Thanks for taking the time to read this post also. Appreciate your visits and comments. Have a great evening.


  • Elle says:

    Very spooky Mary, especially the cold hand on your shoulder. I’ve had experiences with loved ones who’ve passed on, but it always felt loving and supportive. Certainly no cold hands – they probably know they’d frighten me out of my wits. But lots of bell ringing…trying to get my attention maybe?
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    • Hi Elle

      Yes, loved ones would not want to scare you. Since I did not know this person I guess I needed to figure out how to release him.

      Just grateful it wasn’t worse. Now that the experience is behind me I think I learned so much by going through it. When all was confirmed years later it made me realize that I was correct in what I felt. In the back of my mind I always wonder if the screwdriver will ever show up and where. It would be very interesting.

      Thank you for your comment.


  • Amy Hagerup says:

    Wow! I guess you stirred up a hornet’s nest with this post! The replies are many . . . and long!!! I’ve never experienced a ghost myself though one time I was in the home of a couple who had a coffin for their coffee table. It was very eerie but I felt protected since I am child of God. So sad to hear about the murder years earlier. Blessings, Amy
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    • Hi Amy

      Welcome to my site.

      Ah, a hardy conversation and people have a choice to believe or not. Many a time I tried to make excuses as to why this or that happened, but when the hand was on me and the presence I felt, well I knew it was real. Having it confirmed years later and especially since I personally did not seek the information, I am amazed I was able to pick up the vibes.

      Now having a coffin as a coffee table is very weird. Well I guess they were prepared for one body to be buried, but they would have to give up the table. I am not so sure I would feel very comfortable in their home.

      Thank you for dropping by and sharing your experience.


  • Nate Leung says:

    Hi Mary!

    Very cool Halloween story. This year has went by so fast and didn’t realize Halloween is around the corner. I can almost feel it now that I had read this story. First things, first. I’ve never experienced an encounter with a ghost. I wouldn’t even know what it would feel like. I’ve heard stories other others but nothing personally. I would imagine my interaction wouldn’t be too bad. Lol. Thank you for a cool story!

    • Hi Nate

      Yes Halloween will soon be upon us.

      Glad you liked the story! I am glad it is behind me as there was times I was kind of scared with the noises in the house especially if I was alone at night.

      Ah, nerves of steel! LOL I have had other experiences that have not be long enduring, just a short encounter and it was over.

      Thank you for dropping by and you have a great weekend.


  • Dragan Palla says:

    Hi Mary,

    Well your story is for film making, I believe. :shock:

    Somehow I wouldn’t want to experience something like that, but you never know. I remembered that line “It is okay, you can go now” just in case.

    However this is a great story and I’m glad you shared it, thanks Mary.

    ~ Dragan

    • Hi Dragan

      Welcome to my site, it is always nice to meet new people.

      Well it was an experience that lasted far too many years, but I am glad it is over. Would not have liked to have to continue with a ghost in the house.

      When the time comes that I move, I shall pay really close attention to what is going on and if need be intervene.

      Glad you liked the story, I thought it would be fun to share.


  • Josh says:

    I had something happen with my uncle. After he died I packed up his place and moved it from San Francisco to LA. When I got to LA and opened up the truck I swear my uncle said hi and thank you.

    Don’t know if I imagined it, but it was so damn real.
    Josh recently published this awesome post..Successful Businesses Encourage DissensionMy Profile

    • Hi Josh

      That is pretty cool and you probably didn’t just imagine it. I think relatives do kind of show up if they have a connection to you. I felt the presence of my mother once after she was gone and it was only for a short moment. Nothing was said, I just felt her in the room. Not even sure she was there, may be just because she could.

      Thanks for sharing.


  • Tim Bonner says:

    Hi Mary

    I’m a bit like Sue in that I’m not sure whether I believe in ghosts or not. I’ve never experienced anything supernatural that I can remember so that’s maybe the reason why.

    We live in an old tenement block which used to house prisoners from the Napoleonic Wars a few hundred years ago. I’m sure that’s got to be a great place to find ghosts!

    Interesting story Mary. I can’t believe you never found that screwdriver.
    Tim Bonner recently published this awesome post..Best Kept Secrets to Keeping Your Online Marketing OrganizedMy Profile

    • Hi Tim

      I would also wonder if there were really ghosts if I had not experienced not only this situation, but also the other things. With the footsteps at my husband’s workplace, as all the others that worked there also experienced. The cats that appeared and the confirmation years later by my husband and daughter who also experienced the presence of our white cat. They also seen him and I did a few times for a split second when he brushed against me. Would have dismissed the thought if it wasn’t for the others also experiencing the same thing.

      It shall be interesting if the screwdriver shows up and where.


  • Julie Barrett says:

    Great ghost story, Mary! Perfect for Halloween. Oh yes, ghosts – I’ve got ‘em. Maybe you were around for the series I did a long time ago on “the indian ghost?” This house was in the area of the Micosukee Indians and there were battles here, and in fact there was an open portal on my property that I had to have closed. That is where dark energy comes and goes, kind of like an open invitation. You wouldn’t believe the stuff my youngest child saw when he was a baby/toddler. Would definitely make your skin crawl! The indian ghost was just watching over the place.
    Julie Barrett recently published this awesome post..Where Is The Veil This Halloween?My Profile

    • Hi Julie

      Glad you liked the ghost story. Actually I am glad that is over and hope when I move to another house I am not bothered by any. But I shall have to proclaim it is my house now and they need to leave. A brand new building was completed in 1971 and all the guys that worked there also encountered a ghost or maybe it was plural. I went there and also heard footsteps on metal stairs and cement floors. One guy studying anthropology at the time said it was an old Indian burial ground. Well maybe they resided there and maybe a few died there, as there were Indians in the area many years ago. I went back and read a number of your posts as to what you referenced, that was very scary and I am not so sure I would want to be there. Feeling and hearing is one thing but seeing and dealing with dangerous behavior is a whole other issue.

      You always fascinate me that is why I included you in my post of To Those Who Have Influenced Me.

      Have a super day.


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